Natalie Leopard

Meet the beautiful, outgoing, lovely Miss Natalie. This senior session was fun for me, not only because she is gorgeous but because she was such a natural in front of the camera. She made my job way too easy. Don’t ask her how many times I screamed because of bees flying at my face hole. She, on the other hand, stood by a bee infested barn so still and calm so I could capture the look I was going for. Way to make me look like a wus, Natalie.

Good luck next year, Natalie! You will handle the “real” world like a champ.

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Paul Kennedy

Hey blog world, I haven’t seen you in awhile! As you know, I’ve been a tad bit busy the last few months but I AM BACK.

So to start off, I thought I would show you the most recent baby shoot that I shot. This little guy was born into the hearts of the Kennedy’s through adoption and their story is nothing short of a tear jerker. Long story short, after years of trying to adopt, they were carrying on one fine day as usual then they get THE call, he was here and he was THEIRS! Can you imagine? The Kennedy’s are living out the gospel in true form and it leaves me speechless.

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William Ford

To all you mommas out there who have had C-Sections: That ain’t NO JOKE ladies! Hats off to you beautiful warriors who endured that labor.

This was my first C-Section to shoot and I must say, it was just as thrilling and intense as, well, the other way. I can’t decide what my favorite part of the whole surgery was…the feeling of scrubbing in and looking all “doctorish” with my garb on or the fact that I witnessed a baby being cut out of a stomach! Either way, I wanna do it again, soon. C-Section scheduled for anyone?? Anyone?

Whitney is the most gorgeous, laid back momma I have ever seen. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be in the room with you as your sweet little Ford was born into the world! I tried to figure out a way to steal him AND my scrub garb.

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Baby Judah

I’m so excited to show you these pics of this precious baby boy! After a long process of adoption and just a few days notice, Matt and Jessica welcomed into their home baby Judah!

During this shoot, I witnessed first hand how God has bonded this precious family together. It was hard holding back the tears as I tried to “work” instead of stare in awe of this touching story and watch the blessings pour out over Matt and Jessica! Look at the way Judah smiles when his daddy is holding him, and the comfort he shows on his face as his momma cradles him in her arms.

Judah, you were worth the wait and I know so many people who prayed for you and will continue to love on you for a lifetime!

I couldn’t think of any set of parents more deserving of this child than Matt and Jessica! Congrats to a beautiful family!

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Fall Mini Sessions

Hey guys! It’s been 4 months since I have took to my blog. As most of you know, I will be birthing my second baby girl in January and shoooooot did I have a hard first trimester or what?? I could barely think about photography this summer with the hot heat and the barfing. You didn’t want to know that part but you got it anyway.  Although, I did have a good summer, shot a few weddings and managed to shoot a few sessions which I will be showing you soon!

Now that I am 21 weeks preggo, I am feeling mighty fine and high on energy and ready to shoot your fall session!

Note that this special is only valid in September and October with limited spots available.

Hope you all had a great summer and a cool fall waiting on you!

mini session email


I hit the jackpot with this session. Malina asked me if I could come to her home to snap some pics of her juicy baby boy, which hey, I will go anywhere you want, but naturally, I am always a little concerned about what I am going to find when I show up to a place that I haven’t scouted out before hand! When I walked into her luscious living room to find natural walls with TONS of light, endless space and the most comfy white couch, I (in my mind) hugged and kissed Malina a million times! I was in photographer’s heaven. Not only because of this amazing space but because of her most precious, happy, adorable, goooeeeey baby boy, Nate! I was plotting ways to steal him before the shoot was over.

All of these things combined made for some beautiful “real life” shots that I adore.

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Vondran kiddos

Kendra is totally going to kill me for posting pictures of her on my blog today, but hey, I don’t even care because look at how gorgeous she is? And yes, I absolutely made her take a few head shots during this session. She kicked and screamed and I won for 22.75 seconds!

As you can see below, during this shoot Harper and Preston had some major inside jokes going on, while Abby and Meg were quite the stunning, young, classy ladies they have always been! I hate that Dr. V couldn’t join us for the pics (the life of a doctor) but I enjoyed my 30 minute glimpse into what goes down at the Vondran household. They need a reality show! I would tune in and laugh hysterically.

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Jake Scott

If you are ever in the need for an actor with an Irish accent, then this is your guy. Jake makes me laugh, he makes me smile and he is a senior this year. WHAAAT? I remember (tear tear) when he was a little tyke running around church like he owned the place. I mean, look at him, he still looks like he owns the place. What a handsome, funny and Godly man you have become, Jake! I know whatever you end up doing with your life, it will be amazing with some fun stories to tell!

And I can’t end this post without mentioning his super fun, cool, wise, smart, beautiful, encouraging, loving, truth seeking parents, John and Kim. You amaze me at what all you can accomplish in a day. And it’s all done with such love! I have been truly blessed to be in the same church body with you both for the last 10 years. Let’s do 50 more?

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The Charlotte John Co.

Way back 3 years ago before I had a child, I worked next door to Charlotte John and her huge crew of real estate agents. Charlotte is one of the nicest people that I have ever met. She is very successful, driven and has a passion for community for the Heights in Little Rock. I was completely honored (and a tad nervous) that she asked me to shoot her latest group shot of her agents! A huge “thank you” goes out to her daughter in law, Melissa, for helping me pose and coordinate this shot. If you are in need of selling or buying a house, I would recommend the beautiful agents at the Charlotte John Co!

Note: Can you spot who I had to cut and paste in? Wait, no, don’t look too hard. It may be obvious now.

charlotte blog 2

Susan Bridals

I have been DYING to show you these images from Susan’s bridal shoot! She sent me the link to the Dreamland Ballroom as an idea for a location. I had never heard of this gem in Downtown Little Rock and I was in pure shock when I browsed their website. How in the world have I not heard of this place? I am ruined now.

Susan, you made this shoot effortless with your beauty and character! I so enjoyed getting to know you during this shoot. Congrats on being an old married lady now! Welcome to the club!

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